It looks like Julie Bishop isn’t done with politics yet.

She’s indicated she’ll run again in her WA seat of Curtin at the next federal election.

“It’s very much a personal decision for me, but I believe the country needs stability and continuity at present,” the former foreign minister said.

Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

Be warned my beautiful people that you are already living in dangerous times, and the moral lessons of what true life is about are being ignored. This comes about by the blindness of rejecting myself and just following there lusts and preying on people who are weaker.
I ask you all to live by wisdom so as you become more wise you will not be co-erst into attacking them but allowing yourself to be as doves and fly to gatherings I will call you to. Make sure you have repented of those things that are not of love and wisdom. Many come in my name or say they are the wise ones and seem to be loving and take power. They do not worry about me and what I will do to them for they do not believe in who I am and only use there special paintings and clothes to lead people astray and there children.
The evil one has his fallen angels at work among you now to falsely lead you many times by fear and as I said to be morally corrupt. Leads you by getting you angry when true wisdom comes calmness and that places protection around you. Throughout your history this has happened but now the world is dying in its own creations , know the time comes when my Father will say its time, all opportunity for the people to have learnt and my will has been taught to all countries of the world. The evil one is making a appearance so we will bring our family of light home. My love is connected to you and your repentance has made you clean and ready to be called.

Dearest lord Jesus we are with a grateful heart and bathe in your love. We look forward to that day we come as your loving family, until then thank you for the beauty you created here on earth. Amen

Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

Be At this moment with me, so I can draw attention to your spirit, and your body, both of which is a part of me when you choose to be so. Honor them both by being loving towards life and with your body let it be blessed as you do that for me because we are one. Take golden moments to be in oneness with me,life, love for your creations, so they are a part of mine in spirit. Be you love for I love you. Let’s give to each other the love I created you from, let us rejoice in the giving of it.

The Dearest Jesus, I and all that read this will take in the beauty in what you say and the gift you give us,

LOVE amen.


“BIG TRUCK TRANSIT!”* a poem. September 1, 2018 – SATURDAY!

Big men – in big trucks! Driving, the live-long day!

BIG MEN, exhausts a-spewing; accelerating – all the way!

Are Big Men – out-lookin’ – for this – little guy?

Ridin’-on – his-bikey-cycle, with-groceries! Who-knows! WHY?!


To place their big-ol’-carcasses – to put ‘em – in that place –

THAT BIG TRUCK PLACE – with CONFIDENCE, with pride & also vigor,

Named “Bud,” or “Joe,” or Devon – drivin’ – ever bigger!

BIG MEN? or – small men!? – when you strip away their “face,”

And their BIG FEET, a-stomping – tryin’-the-motor-t’-race,

Going fast – goin’ hard – streamin’ & tryin’-to-pass,

BUT! What-a-will-become-o’-dem – WHEN THEY RUN-A OUTTA GAS?


And BIG MEN, outta-their-big-trucks, get t’-walk – with all their “pards!”

And little-ol’-me, just bi-bicycling – down this lonely street,

Will pass the BIG MEN, walking – and-will-wave-at-them-and-greet,

To toss-a-them a grocery-item, one-from-me-little-basket,

So the BIG MEN (pause) can-watch-me-pass!

Ah-hope-they-won’t-”blow-no-gasket!” 🙂 – Love, Joy, Bicycle!

fin. ❤

    • a “transit” is an “astrological” term, where STUFF COMES TOGETHER, AT A PARTICULAR TIME FOR, APPARENTLY PARTICULAR REASONS!! L. O. L.