Jesus Message ๐Ÿ’ฅ

Jesus Message

My beautiful children who have traveled the long journey through many experiences and found many lost causes, yet you ask me to strengthen you of which I do, by remaining in the now moment you would need to pass me to lose yourself again.
This is where you are right now reading this, I am with you, all your struggles to have brought you here, so now that you have my attention will you not let go all else and become and act out from this place and be my children without making your life more complicated. Accepting me is your destination and to live the love that flows along with your life energy is the life quest and is the fulfillment that comes from your acceptance of myself. Throw away your distractions that you raise above me in importance for you will not take that final step in this way,all you will do is repeat what and where you have been before with less vitality. No beautiful child of mine the experiences I have in wait for you when you finely give up trying to be anything other than a beautiful form of my life in which you will be raised to dimensions anew and will be a light for others who seek the answers to life. Now that also there are many heavens on many vibrations that will reveal their higher lessons and wonderful treasures to you. So now you have found me and in your love and acceptance you will come home, think no more about it other than accept the now moment has all your answers.

Loving Jesus, Thank you for making the wide view of life come together in the now. Holy are you and we humbly and joyfully follow your love. Amen.