“Politically Incorrect And Not Proud Of It!” 

“HARDHEADED MONSTER!” a poem. August 28, 2018 – Tuesday. a.k.a.: “Politically Incorrect And Not Proud Of It!”

He won’t listen – to anyone – ANYONE AT ALL!!

Or! He listens to EVERYONE, but will not “heed their call!”

They-used-to-say: “You’re a FREE-THINKER!” or “You’re clever & cool,”

But NOW – “You’re HARDHEADED!” He-says: “I ain’t nobody’s fool?!” 🙂

He follows his intuition; he weighs things (as) fair or not;

He takes his time at parties; he likes to sit a lot,

And read a porno magazine – or write a poem or two!

“YOU! You-are-so-hardheaded – with-you-what-can-we-do?!”

He’s especially hardheaded, when he is often called:



OBSTINATE, for he has “fire walled,”

ALL of THEIR objections – and-”constructive-criticisms,”

Labels, opinions, spite & fumes – AND-THEIR-PLETHORA OF “ISM”s!

fin. ❤


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