Film REVIEW Ned Kelly Australian Bushranger.

Two very different Neds both written by the same man. The screenplay for Ned Kelly (1970) and The Last Outlaw (1980) were both written by Ian Jones (the former reworked by director Tony Richardson, the latter co-written with his wife Bronwyn Binns), perhaps the most important Kelly historian ever. Jones’ contributions to keeping the story alive are incomparable and even though these two products vary wildly from each other, to date a more accurate telling is yet to be made.



That is correct. Good comment. My Grandfather, Father, were Police Officer’s arresting officer’s of the Kelly Gang

. All the records were donated the Police Acdemany Mount Waverly Victoria. The documents were very different to to folk lore. 😁 Australia Bush rangers were far between. No comment! I LOVE TO SEE THE MOVIES, romanticized as we have little history like other countries. The story about One NATIONS PEOPLE unfortunately is the true Australian Story of excellence 60 000 + years of the most incredible History. Researches are working very hard tracing Australian ABORIGINAL as the oldest race on earth.