“WINDMILLS – SPINNING!” a poem August 26, 2018 – Sunday


with wind-spokes spinning ‘round!

Are you SEARCHING FOR YOURSELF!? and-Where might YOU be found?

Are you the clever MIND, which contains this scenic scape?

Or The Windmill(s), gently flowing (pause) upon some curtain’s drape?

Are you the HUB-the-center? The SHAFT, or emanation,

Of spokes – which do extend – OR – are-you WITHIN This Station,*

You could-maintain the-apparatus – the moving parts and such,

Be THE WIZARD-behind-a-window? Perhaps you’re Swiss or Dutch!

WELL, NOW, LOVER, I’VE NO ANSWERS, to these questions;

They’re not mine (?)

I AM just a painter, and I-offer-(you) this design,

And I (sometimes) ask some silly questions; it is a fool’s role,

For, am I you? Are-you not me? And have we reached our goal?**

fin. ❤

* – (Yes) I haven’t got a clue; (pause) but Honey, I love you!

** – I still have got no clue, but, my Darling, I love you!


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