She pried and pried and cried and cried! 😮😮😮

“MIMI’S BOX!” Mimi had an ancient box, back-in-her closet-dark / She-did not know–how-it-got-there, but – one day – she-heard-a-LARK?! / She thought it came-from-the-closet; so she opened, cautiously / but-it-was-all-SO-quiet (pause) So she drug it out – NO key! And, SO – she spoke with tender voice – “Are you in there, DEAR?” / But STILL – all quiet (except) A SCRATCHING – She felt a little fear! / “Are you all right?” She listened! The scratching! More distinct! / So, Mimi got a tool – and into-the-lid-she-sinked! / She pried and pried and cried and cried! The scratching, it had stopped! / But, in a little while, the lid! Well, You-could-say, it “popped!” / And there she was, our Mi-mi-mi, sitting on the top, / And wondering what she had done, / and if she had-better stop! / So – as our Mimi’s sitting there! She tapped (pause) a bit, you know! / And opened-the-lid – just a tad – WHAT FUNNY SEEDS WE SOW! / When we will start-to-imagine – things-we’ve-no-idea-of! / And then THE TRUTH – becomes so clear; and-there-was-a-turtle-dove! / It was so weak – and thin – and dirty, / But Mim could see: Yes, it was “purty!” / She gently cupped-it in her-purty-hand, / and washed it kindly, in soap so bland, / Slowly, carefully – and after-a-while, / it-shone-like-morning-sun on-The-Nile! / And THEN – it spoke!! What a surprise! / It said: “ARE YOU MIMI,” with love in its eyes! / “Why, yes!” said Mimi; “but how can you speak?” / “I’m-your-guardian-angel!” It declared, with its beak! / “I was captured, in that box, a-long-time-ago! / After you were born, BUT – before you could know! / You-see, I’d-been sent – to safeguard your soul, / ‘Cause you are SO SPECIAL! I wonder! Do-you-know?” / “Oh, no,” said our Mimi; “I’m-just-a-runt! The runt of the litter – I can’t even hunt! / I’m-just-a-Nobody, adrift in the World; / So, you must be mistaken!” – THE DOVE’S BEAK IT CURLED! / “No, no! (pause) You’re The Master’s -precious mate! / But he’s a little – just a little late! / Yet, I-have-it – on good-author-ity, / That he’ll-be-here-soon! In love and purity! / He’s waited and waited, through eons of time, / And he loves you a lot – expressed in good rhyme! / For the spirit of your Lover, will always be found / in the next beautiful love song – or the next-poetic-round!” / With tears in her eyes, Mimi fed her new friend, / and, after a while, the dove, on-“the mend,” / Got strong and so happy, from his toes to his head / And Mimi-and-her-dove, slept well in her bed, / and one day she woke – it was sunny and mild, / but The Dove, it had flown – it was back in The Wild! / And our Mimi was sad – but-also-happy – you know, / For She loved the sweet dove – and IF it had to go, / and do other things, Well, she-was- open-to-allow, / The Dove it’s pure-freedom – but she hoped that somehow, / it would one-day return, and, OF COURSE, Yes, it did! / It came-back as her lover – A wild, kind kid, / Who loved her so much – loved ALL that she did, / And the two, they got MARRIED – MIMI-&-EL-KID, / And the two live forever, in-our-hearts, with your clothes, / SO, IF-YOU’VE-A-BOX-in-The-Closet, OPEN IT! Who-knows! / It might be mysterious, and you might have some fear, / But-you’ll-never-know!- (pause) IF-you-don’t-open-it-DEAR! / That you are SO SPECIAL – Yes, special from birth! / And TO ME – you’re more special – than ANY-ONE-ON-EARTH! fin. ❤


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