S’s story of the Alzheimers husband๐Ÿค—

S’s story of the Alzheimers husband always proposing to his (55)
wife, perhaps imagining he is always 30, always proposing, stuck in time – Is this not, perhaps, the allusion to always being in
THE NOW, eternally – the now is eternity. The enlightened – in the
flesh – the transcendent man – who nearly all others see as an old
person with dementia – the demented as transcendent! Christ,
gathering all things unto Himself – The Bride . . . with his
Bridegroom, who is really the unawakened, the miserable,
aging caretaker unable to participate in the eternal
proposal – Christ’s proposal of an eternal union – offering a
taste of The Tree of Life, Christ, dumping the trappings of
material existence, in the dumpster of oblivion. Tinsel
on the tree of life, still being clung to by the grieving,
aging caretakers. How many of the enlightened, Indian
sages are described as similarly child-like, simple,
forgetful to the point of not being aware of themselves or
the “realities” others are SUFFERING UNDER. The wisdom of the
foolish & the foolishness of the wise – Who’s wise &
who’s foolish – Who’s dreaming whom? He must gather
all things unto Himself – In time, the Tree of the Knowledge
of Good & Evil must be transcended & replaced with the
Tree of LIFE, but what seeming torment to arrive at
that graceful awareness.

Just find the one who’s dreaming all this and wake ’em up . . . Is
it YOU? BART MARSHALL 2011 TAT (47 min. 40 sec.) BE HAPPY –
There’s Nobody Here. Is there? = There’s All Here, Isn’t There?
Enlightenment = (when) Questions Evaporate NOT Bart Marshall TAT Q & A

*The name is CHRIST i.e.: The singular human nature, born into this world i.e.: The One, Common Human Nature i.e.: the eternal one-ness of God & human
for Bernadette (Roberts) The NAME is called or the common Jewish name is Jesus.
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So, the song Fly Me To The Moon came up a while back;
recently, 2 more songs have come up: (1) Dream a Little Dream of Me &
(2) Que cera, Cera — (I) have suddenly realized: There IS a singer known pretty well
for singing all of these . . . . wanna guess? (it’s) Doris Day!