“WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON FRIDAY!” * a poem. Aug. 25, 2018 – Saturday: a.k.a.: “A Complete, Unabridged Account Of Good Friday, Circa 33 ½ A. D. (Translated From Greek & Aramaic, Penned By A Moderately Disinterested Samaritan Observer)!”

It was a nasty afternoon, and those Romans were up,

To their “same, old tricks” with the-vinegar-in-the-cup,

Which they offered to some folks, hanging that day,

On some crosses at Golgatha*** – it-was-Friday, I say!

I noticed this one guy, with a crown made of thorns,

And I also noticed – on his feet – were a whole lotta “corns,”****

And this fellow was a-prayin’ “Dad, what the f – – – are they doing? Well! Please, Dad, forgive ‘em!”

And a big storm was “brewin’!”

Anyway-this-fellow – shouted! – in a Jewish dialect,

“F – – – ing – A! This sure hurts!”

And the guy’s skin was wrecked,

FROM WHIPPINGS GALORE; gosh, he was bleeding,

And-cursin’-like-a-choir-boy, while the Roman guards were reading,

And-casting-lots-for-clothes – and chewin’ on nails,

As this guy kept on shoutin’ – I-couldn’t-think-past-his-wails!!

“God damn, M – f – – – in J tit – this hurts bad,

G damn, M f -er – come on, now, Dad;

Isn’t this enough? I’m ready to go!”

And a thief, next to him, said: “Hey, man, do you know –

Anyone in Heaven? Can-ya-put-in-a-good-word?”

“OK!” said The Screamer, who was squawking like a bird!!

And The Guards finally offered their vinegar cup,

And this guy drank a little-said: God D–n,” (pause)

And-looked-up! (pause)

The storm clouds were building, as the cursing kept on,

AND THIS GUY SANG A SONG-I’d-never-heard!


And the words of that song!! Well, for-some-reason-I-cry:

“Na na – na – na na – na –

Hey, hey, y’all, Good Bye!”

fin. ❤

* – from a long lost papyrus, dated to around the time of Christ,** which was found in the foothills surrounding Alpine, Texas, U.S.A., last week; it is written mostly in Aramaic, which could have been the native language of Jesus. It is translated here; NO ONE claims authorship!

** – Jesus, Nazarene.

*** – Place of Skulls!

**** – possibly he walked a lot in uncomfortable, ill-fitting sandals!

This painting, I think, is called: “The Yellow Christ,” and was done by French impressionist Paul Gauguin.