“SEPT. 2018 IS   ‘ RAISE YOUR CHILD N A T U R A L L Y ’ MONTH!”  a poem:  August 25, 2018 – SATURDAY!😁😂🤣😃The Editor had to edit some wording much to the horror of the Author 😂😁

“SEPT. 2018 IS ‘ RAISE YOUR CHILD N A T U R A L L Y ’ MONTH!” a poem: August 25, 2018 – SATURDAY!

It’s BLATANTLY obvious what’s wrong with the World:

I-figured- it-out


WEANING TOO EARLY is mostly to blame;

Breast-feeding should last LONG, OK?

AT LEAST – to 14 or 15 or 20*-


Be perfectly happy & normal & calm – and – mothers-I’m-sure-that-they-could,

KEEP GOIN’ for a while – a decade or two?**

To-insure-comfort-and-niceness – for me and for you,


There’ll be little need for groceries! Come on! Aren’t you psyched?

Well, anyway, IF you agree with my notion,

RESUME MAMMARY SHARING! My-plan is in motion,

And, IF-when-y’all-start-again-and-your-grocery-bill-goes-down,

Send me a GRATITUDE-CHECK! I live in Titsvill-town!***USA

fin. ❤

    • years

** – at least

*** – That’s the little house, Titsville-

– OH; I live over-on Booby Street, some of you know! Just bring by some cash – checks-are-OK-of-course; my name is WANTABIT – I’m one helluva “source!”****

This wonderful painting is the work of Mary Cassatt!

**** – but not necessarily of the lacteal fluid of the female of the species!! 🙂 – Ya?