Jesus message.

Jesus message.

Many of my beloved people I have taken you into a new life one where your values touch my very soul. Daily you think of me and speak with me something you did not do before although you sort after truth with a sincere heart.
You were willing to step forward to spread my message for the times you live in when you could have come home to me. I as your God look favorable upon on you for life is not always easy when doing the work I give to you. To all that you give my message to and it is received with love and appreciation,I have places awaiting you in my kingdom that your hearts will be fulfilled on your arrival. The main question I put to all of you, Can you trust and love what is true over the rantings of your ego and the one that motivates it to entice you with treasures and lusts of a mind captured. I ask you to pray and ask me on a personal level to help and explain to you the way home and the journey that needs to be taken. You may hear my messenger, but he is there to help you to come to me. I ask all to be as you were created for which is what gives balance and the power to come down a pathway of balance without getting lost in the darkness that await in the fringes of life. I bless you all and love is my signature.

Blessed are we who know you the dearest creator and have committed ourselves to your service. Amen
Luke Le Bree.


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