Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

When the blind lead the blind know that the ego is trying to make up for its short comings. If successful to have a following now only pain and disharmony will be the result. No so many people in the world believe the ego is who they are and their life and that of ones around them who have been attracted to the ego, will lead unhappy lives, be complaining, sick, and separated from true life.
You were all created to find your way back to myself through the Holy Spirit so you could have a blessed life or a life that made much progress to understanding the fullness of love and oneness., It will also push your ego out of your thoughts and body so you don’t see it as you, but a brainwashed disease. The more you lust for something the deeper the disease and the bigger the hold it has on you to do its will… It is an enemy of God so in all things you do its motive is to say Hey I’m here, now get rid of those spiritual things you imagine like Jesus and love, for love is not real but wishful thinking. Do this and you are on your way to almost unhappy life and a sad ending.
Build your life around myself and the loving life I offer you. If you belong to a group or church just know the oneness you have is with me not always the others in the group or church. They may help but if they don’t teach love and personal contact with me then you take control of your life and love be your direction to me. Go through the difficulties to overcome the ego which is the darkness but the closer you get to loving and your decisions of love I am going to be with you now and into eternity.

Dear Jesus, thank you again for your words of encouragement and knowing you are with us and will deliver us to a heavenly eternity, Luke Le Bree.


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