“SOMEBODY TO LOVE!” a poem. August 24, 2018 – FREYA’s DAY 😁😁


“SOMEBODY TO LOVE!” a poem. August 24, 2018 – FREYA’s DAY

Life’s pretty darn hard – so (pause) HERE’S-SOME-PLEASURE-FOR-YOU;

We all need a little pleasure, some pleasure, we do!

I think all this talk about sin is a fraud,


That makes me just tingle – and my-Heart beat real fast,

So – lemme just pleasure you; yea, I know! Can-it-last?

Of course! There’re religious teachers & scribes & Pharisees:

They say: “Avoid-all-that-pleasure! Kill the birds & the bees!

Be calm; look away – don’t sin with your eyes,”

And, the girls at The Club – Let’s just realize,

There are many – who-get-drunk, stoned – and-are-lonely-tonight!

So, lemme just pleasure you – with Love and delight!

Please! – at least for a while, ‘cause it’s such a serious place,

With responsibilities & fears & “NO WAYS” and, o’-course, MACE!

I’m NOT saying, “HURT YOURSELF!” There are safeguards, as you like,

Come on, My Pretty Water Nymph – shall we plug up that dike?

fin. ❤