John Singer Sargent (American January 12, 1856 – April 14, 1925)



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Have we tried this yet


But, a blog like this are informed material

KEEP searching and learning off other bloggers here

The way things run around in cyberspace

Is to help each other to reach your goal or aspirations

When your either or a new kid on the block there are no rules just write anything nice DON’T say anything bad at all.

BE kind have a sense of humour and always say thank you

Manners in cyberspace is the GOLDEN RULE

Encourage all and comment with praise

Remember those little-known secret’s in Cyber “Palgirism is a compliment” go for it 😁

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Mydaz.blog is a team of researchers and Authors celebrating just for fun.

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This little Editor runs for cover when those Dudes hunt me down just cause I change one WORD! 🤐

That’s all for tonight from your funny little Editor 😁


As I sat by the window last night

I saw a moon beam

Pherhaps you were that soul who

Who sleeps over there

Suddenly I saw a smile on your lips

I wonder if was me or some other reason you smiled in your dreams

Cause it really does not matter

Cause you will always come home to me

You love me 💙💙

“SOMEBODY TO LOVE!” a poem. August 24, 2018 – FREYA’s DAY 😁😁


“SOMEBODY TO LOVE!” a poem. August 24, 2018 – FREYA’s DAY

Life’s pretty darn hard – so (pause) HERE’S-SOME-PLEASURE-FOR-YOU;

We all need a little pleasure, some pleasure, we do!

I think all this talk about sin is a fraud,


That makes me just tingle – and my-Heart beat real fast,

So – lemme just pleasure you; yea, I know! Can-it-last?

Of course! There’re religious teachers & scribes & Pharisees:

They say: “Avoid-all-that-pleasure! Kill the birds & the bees!

Be calm; look away – don’t sin with your eyes,”

And, the girls at The Club – Let’s just realize,

There are many – who-get-drunk, stoned – and-are-lonely-tonight!

So, lemme just pleasure you – with Love and delight!

Please! – at least for a while, ‘cause it’s such a serious place,

With responsibilities & fears & “NO WAYS” and, o’-course, MACE!

I’m NOT saying, “HURT YOURSELF!” There are safeguards, as you like,

Come on, My Pretty Water Nymph – shall we plug up that dike?

fin. ❤