Watch “An Inspirational Story about Life – “The Man and the Butterfly”” on YouTube


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  1. Dear MyDaz: Given your story about A MAN AND A BUTTERFLY, which I received today, I would like to present this morning’s coincidence! JUST TODAY (Thursday, August 23, 2018, here in Alpine, Texas, U.S.A.), I was inspired, on my way to the co-op, to write a little poem! I placed it on the back of a business card, I stuck it in my shirt pocket and it goes something like this: “THE THURSDAY MORNING POEM!” There’s a pretty, yellow butterfly, a-flutterin’ in the grass / It says: “How are you, little boy; and THIS TIME TOO SHALL PASS!” / There’s-a spunky, little schnauzer, a-barkin’ there at me; / It-wants to-say: “GOOD MORNING,” but it’s barking-too-noisily! / And the wind is blowing weeds around – and-I better get some lunch, / For the-pantry -will-close in 1/2 hour – I-better-hurry (pause) or I won’t munch!

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    1. Edith Piaf, who, like me, was born in a town called Belleville (Hers: Paris; mine: Illinois, U.S.A.), was an internationally known French singer and songwriter, who died in 1963. Did you know that 💥💥

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