NEVER UNDERESTIMATE – the power of a man on a scooter,😁😁😁

“AD-VANCE!” a poem – presented tastefully on this glorious Poetry/Karaoke Wednesday! 08/22/18 – See you at The Holland Hotel, for poetry, at 6:30 P. M. AND at The Railroad Blues Nightclub, for karaoke, at 10:30 P. M., unless The-Forces-That-Be {that’s Facebook, Inc., by the way} decide to cancel everything – and take us back to The Garden!! Shambala, Baby!! 🙂

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE – the power of a man on a scooter,

‘Cause a scooter rider – has a good eye – for the pretty hooter!

It SEEMS like he’s not doin’ too much,

BUT – He rides and sees everything – and he has the magic touch!

For he’s in The Arms of God – ‘cause GOD just loves a scooter,

Scooting around (pause) like the man – The Man From Roto-Rooter!!

And remember all them James Bond villains!? (pause)

They sat (pause) stroked-the-pussy – and-were-doin’-all-the-killin’s!!

Yea, BABY! Don’t underestimate The Electra Glide In Blue,

‘Cause, people like my buddy Vance – know how to get to you!!

IF – you think he’s not all that mobile, scootin’ here & there,

Well, Vance can kill you with his mind – He’s only gotta stare!!

AND – Remember! on-top-o-all-this – well, Vance rhymes with:

ENHANCE, and Vance has been upgrading everything about himself!

DANCE, and IF he decides to get up off that scooter, he breakdances too!

PRANCE, like a DEER,! IF he wants, He’s like Bo Jangles on 4x espresso!

ROMANCE: (long pause) Enough said!!

LANCE – Women are shocked, when he holds them tight; Yea, BABY!

TRANCE, which is what he has us all in – It’s like mass hypnotism!

STANCE: Oriental Wisdom confirms this! “Man who ride, stand tall!” Confucius.

CHANCE: Don’t anger him; don’t take the chance or He’ll love you to death!


ANTS!! – which, IF you are not moving for very long, they’ll swarm you, eat out your eyes and brain, get really, really smart – and evolve to the next highest level, which is AUNTS, with a “U,” and I had an Aunt, named Aunt Mimmy, who took over the whole World in, like, one afternoon, as she was laying around in bed, watching soap operas! So you best watch out for super villains like my Aunt and my friend Vance, who just seems to scoot around, but he does IT, as he is taking over The World; he and Auntie Mim are co-conspirators, I just know it!! OK?

SPOILER ALERT: You’ve been warned! TOO late!! 🙂