Jesus Message.💥💥💥💥

Jesus Message.

Let not the rantings of those who have not got my spirit within them sway you. You will know them by the hate and confusion in what they project from their mouths. When I call upon a messenger I ask of them to have a clean spirit in which they have surrendered to me. All others are playing a part to separate my beloved and in anger play a part and the world dictates their words. I mention this for the day comes when the world will use these to persecute you and raise themselves up to in power with the other world leaders. My Spirit is love and in that beauty I bring you as one to me as my children. Allow yourself to smile with a glad heart when you are with them. Do not attack the ones who hold sway over you with the spirit of confusion, but be strong in your love of righteousness and the loving path you have chosen to follow me. No angels are around you when you are at one with the movements to return home. Let your heart be firm but loving for this will turn many towards the truth I have always laid before you. Known to be one of mine will change your life by being in the world with your children but not of its ways when only excess and greed is their motive. For to them love is a convenience and not honest. To the ones who read these angels will report to me only where they see love and ones who seek love but are chained to the world through no fault of their own. I will send my people to reach out to help them in their blindness.

Dear God. Thank you, For your truth, your love, for your help to become strong in these things. Let us rejoice in the laughter we gain from the freedom you offer. Amen.
Luke Le Bree.