“THE BITTIE BIRDIE & THE KATTY KITTIE NAMED DON!!” a poem. [Sunday, August 19, 2018] WARNING: This poem MAY contain violence and stuff that might be contrary to “Community Standards,” as outlined by Facebook, Inc. PARENTS! You are advised to read this poem, in its entirety, before subjecting your “little ones” to the blatant violence, which sometimes arises in natural interactions! Please be warned. 🙂 – OK? Thank-you!

The Little Bittie, Baby Birdie was-a-chirping in the tree,

Chirpin’! Lookin” pretty! Chirps for you and me,

And, THEN! I think! A moment passed – and OH, MY! Birdie’s GONE,

Locked inside – the merciless jaws – of-a-kitty – known as DON!!

NOW, baby birdie, with yellow feathers – with red blood, oozing down,

Does not chirp – too much – right now – it’s beak looks like a frown –

Squeaking now – and screeching – and KITTY, with a smile,

Chews & drinks – the baby birdie, chomping all the while!!

“WELL!” I thought, “IF God were her (pause) (S)HE’d have none of this,

‘Cause God is LOVE & from above, I’m SURE GOD wouldn’t miss,

This chance-to-save-the-pretty-baby-birdie+end-this-war!”

AND, as I thought this, witty kitty – wanted even MORE!

Kitty: (to me!!)

“Now, that’s a tasty, little birdie,” said-Kitty; “don’t be sore,

For I can see, you’re hungry, Love; I’ll leave one at your door!”

(Me, again):

“Oh, no, no, Kitty,” I did say; “[I]-won’t-have-no – pretty – birdie-today!

My mommy’s got some tasty lunch; it’s on fried chicken that I’ll crunch!”

(Back to kitty):

““Well, you and me – are much alike – with GOD!! we are the same;

and THIS STUFF happens – all the time – and-there’s-nobody-to-blame!!”

fin. ❤