“LOSING IT? IN NEVER-NEVER LAND!” * a poem 08/21/2018 Twos-Day


IT’s-(t)here-THEY-don’t (really) care-’bout-the-human-race!

So, BOYS! (pause) Just-give! (pause) Give-it-right-up:

Just-let-The-Pretty-Girls – fill-“a-wedding-cup!”

FOR THE GIRLS, they-be “programmed IN,” to focus in on REASON;

That’s-why-THEY-LIKE-SCHOOL-and-“The Golden Rule,”


That’s why they-like-to-teach-you – about sens-i-bil-ity –

AND MANNERS-and-being-a-gentleman – and, of course, pro-prie-ty –

So you bad boys, don’t-make-much-noise! and-don’t-lose-your-inhibitions!

UNLESS! You wanna – explore and conquer – and-go-on-Impossible-Missions,

‘Cause we’re-mostly-born-HAPPY, bouncing around,


So-shall-we-be-tamed? and semi-maimed – to be a “proper child!?”

But the PROPER children don’t-fly around –

They point-out the rules- and stay on The Ground;

Yet WE ALL CAN FLY – if we only try – and take some “Pixie Dust!”

But it’s urged that money, plus milk & honey – are the things that we should trust!

Well, if you don’t worry – and are not in a hurry – and like to laugh & sing,

There’s-some-air-up-there – that is so rare – and FLYING’S A GREAT THING:

You-COULD! LEARN to fly – or remember THE ART -of-flying-at-your-will,

AND LOSE YOUR HEART – to a “fairy tart,”

It might just be a THRILL! 🙂

fin. ❤

* – or wherever you’d like to go!! 🙂


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