“Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There’s no better rule.”

“SHE-SHE’S PERFECT GIFT FOR ME!” a poem a.k.a.: “She-She’s Cracker Song!” August 18, 2018 – Saturday!!

SHE-SHE gave me crackers; crackers! This I know,

Made from salt and shor-ten-ing – AND the finest “dough!”

The finest, savory crackers – crackers from her “barrel!”

SHE-SHE gave me crackers!

AND kissed them; she’s so feral!

She-She is so wild! Her eyes, they dance with song!!

She-She’s COUNTRY WESTERN STYLE – I wanna sing along!

She-She is so juicy – It drips off from-her-lips,

She-She sometimes – has a headache,* but-still-”smiles-from-her-hips!”

SHE-SHE’s REALLY pretty – her smile’s “perfect par;”

She-She gave me crackers! Best-gift-I’ve-got-so-far,

‘Cause crackers! You can crunch, crunch and chew;

Good crackers, they are so good for you!

SHE-SHE gave me crackers; I’ll dream of her tonight,


CRACKERS! Small & white!**

And, someday, IF I’m lucky – the crackers that she kissed,

Will turn into love birds – so happy and blessed!

🙂 – to be sung to the tune of: “Edelweiss,” from “The Sound of Music!”

    • interchangeable with “heartache!”

** – like edelweiss flowers!!

fin. ❤