The leaders of the world are still losing touch with the love of the people and the earth. 💥

The leaders of the world are still losing
touch with the love of the people and the earth. May you know Gods love is free to all that wish to live by it. This still applies. To all.

The world is in turmoil, and as always leaders here still have their armies attacking and killing their brothers and sisters, young and old. All these are supporters of leaders of pain and separation of love.
There is little life left in these one. Some even claim to follow the Christ and other beautiful beings of light, this is not so, it’s time to put their instruments of war down, and feed the desperate.
Please understand there is no right or wrong in higher vibrations only Love. Only here on mother earth are those who try to gain power by taking it from others. You have destroyed the paradise that was given to you, I have called out and I have placed my heart before your feet and you have walked upon it and wipe your feet also, on what I offer.
Your so called control over my beautiful children is going to be no more for I am calling them home to love.
The number of my children grows every day and my heart expands to help them and already the new higher energies of the beautiful mother awaits them. Listen carefully my dearest ones the angels send sounds from instrument of music or warning upon the earth as its last moments unfold. You are all blessed, for your own joy and happiness bow before the throne of love and take your place in your celebration of your return. I give thanks for my message to be placed before you for its takes great faith by my dear friend here on earth. I Am.


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