Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.

Most faithful friends surrender to the love I give you, my Spirit of the most Holy is there with you to serve in protection and lift you to the higher understanding I give you. Be not loud to tell my words but be acceptable to the truth it awakens your feelings to. a quiet and grateful mind will engross you into a beautiful state of comfort. If you do not choose this your life will grow in ways that will be disturbing and controlled. I say you may still walk the path to my Fathers Heaven, but the road will be like you. tied up in complexes and challenges with others. My love for you is great as well for your heart speeches plant seeds in deep in the heart and gives people a clear choice for their life and their family in many cases to come to me. Be you strong but with a quiet confidence in your truth when mixing with others.

Dearest Jesus, o how wonderful you understand our many ways of serving you Allow our hearts to be strong in a mild way. Amen
Luke Le Bree.


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