Jesus Message. 👓💥💥

Jesus Message.

Let it be known to all who seek salvation that you love and faith of Myself is the way to be lifted home come in that time. Many still cling to the old laws as their was home and that is not the case. It does not mean that they are not holy guides for you to live a good life and will be an advantage to you, but The one I did for you (sacrifice) was for you all both that of Israel and Gentiles to be free of the law to come home, but your love of all that I stand for with a faith is the way. I mention this so you are prepared for when the time comes. My love extends to all now its up to you. You enter difficult times now and your countries are not of unity in obeying mans laws and much suffering is the result and will continue to be, for the fallen ones (Devil) insist you follow your leaders who work with them. I call upon you to receive the gift of my love. Use it to come home in the rapture. (First Ascension)

The Dearest Jesus, help us to be strong in love and full of faith to come home and live truth and life as it was created to be. Amen.

Luke Le Bree.