I know!-I know, I’ve met MY MATCH:😊😊😊

“Trying to remember MY FRIDAY NIGHT DATE!?” a poem. Friday (8/17/18)

I know!-I know, I’ve met MY MATCH:

Mimzy “M!” – but WHAT A CATCH!

“Internationale Woman – of (Mystery-and)-Intrigue,”

GODDESS-OF-THE-WORLD – way-outta-my-league,

But I gotta try – to make this date;

It’s Friday night – Am I already late?

(I think) She-wants-it-HARD; many agents have fallen,

To her wiles, yet my Heart is callin’,

For this chance – for LIfe or Death,

Mimzy “M!” She needs no “meth,”

For SHE I S METH, it’s plain to see;

She’ll drive me WILD – so, why’s it me?

Who-has-been-given this IMPOSSIBLE MISSION;

Is it for thrills – that I am fishin’?

Well, maybe fission (pause for laughter) or-maybe-fusion-I-do-not-know,

But she’s a nuclear reactor, perpetually on the go!

There are many rumors – of agents, dead in her bed;

A “Sexual Medusa,” or so it’s been said –

So, I await her instructions, on “the decoder machine,”*

Her message: “I WANT (pause) a-vomit – jelly bean!!**

And! I want you NOW – here in this bed; and

I AM a bedbug!” all this she said,

“And I shall bite and eat you whole, putting your head on a long, tall pole, and, yes, I’ll-eat-your-head-all-night-long!


Anyway (pause) the morning after, morning-eyes-did-stare,

Through long, blonde, sultry strands of hair!

Yes, they-covered-my-carcass, but I died with a smile,


fin. ❤

    • also know, prior to World War II, as a “text!!” 🙂

** – Bertie Botts’ vomit-flavoured jelly beans [Harry Potter usually avoids them!?]

BEDTIME PRAYER: “Now I lay me down to sleep; will Mimzy – take my soul to keep? The two are one, and one we be (pause) BED-BUGS-THROUGH-OUT-ETERNITY!“ ❤