“THE TRAGIC, DIVINE COMEDY!” a poem August 16, 2018 [Thursday]

Who’s in charge?! Well, it ain’t YOU!!?*

Or else – would-you-do-these-things-you-do?*

Would-you (pause) BURN-THE-SOUP-or back up wrong,

In your car (that is) – or sing a song,

So out of tune – that – it’s not fair –

Just KNOW – “Honey-Chile” – there’s-poop-in-your-hair,

From-THE FINE PIGEON – that-just-fire-bombed-you;


You should-a noticed, from birth ‘til now,

We’re ALL pathetic, BUT – still, somehow,

Occasional “brilliance” {LOL} comes out to play,

But-it-can-lead-you, silly-one, to sometimes say:

“Gosh! I’m competent – and-I-’got-this-beat;’

My life and talents are pretty neat!”

YEA!! – and just about when you say-a-that,

Guano falls! but – not-from-a-bat –

It’s all – (pause) from-The-Unknown-God-or-NATURE-or-The-Force,

And all this silliness – you endure, of course,

‘Cause we ain’t got one “blinking clue,”

Why any of this stuff – is happening to you!


And Murphy’s** in charge – bringing humorous terrors!

We laugh and sing and dance – like a fool,



🙂 -Ohhhhh – yea!

fin. ❤

    • Well, maybe you would – so maybe you ARE in charge!! 🙂

** – MURPHY’S LAW: (originally stated) If anything can go wrong, it will! Now, of course, having lived in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., we realize that it is more accurate to say: “IF ANYTHING CAN GO R I G H T – IT WILL,” which is twice as bad!!

*** – A biblical King, especially loved by The Unknown God, talked about by the Apostle Paul in the biblical Book of Acts! King David was (1) the one who killed a giant with a little slingshot when he (David) was just in high school; (2) the one who stole the wife of one of his subjects (the “subject” of the song “Hallelujah,” where David is tied down to a kitchen chair!); (3) the one who retrieved The Ark of The Covenant and brought it home, where it eventually got stolen by the Germans and retrieved by Indiana Jones, a college professor turned explorer, and (4) The father of Solomon, the wisest guy [What are you? Some kind of “wise guy?”] that ever lived, so they say!****

**** – next to President Donald Trump! {Don’t you just LOVE history?}


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