Jesus Message.💥💥💥

Jesus Message.

Many people come to you with words of fine lace and love yet are not true to the messages I give you. This messenger quite often wonders if he is fooling himself with the messages I give him, so before you all I say he is a light and one I call my own. I mention these things so you are not drawn into following ones that are not love based and true to the holy words I personally whisper to your spirit within. Know the rules made by man reflect the times they are written and are in truth for the times but understand the laws of love I share with you are forever and place a light of love around you in purity when followed. So be you therefore soft in your heart and true in the vision of love I share. Know true justice will always be carried out and your loving strength will raise you to be a beautiful beacon of light. I hold you all dear to me.

Thank you Lord Jesus , I am your messenger and glad of heart you share with us your words that give us strength . Amen.
Luke Le Bree.