A letter to my husband 😁

For the past few weeks I have been fascinated with two things:
WHERE am I putting my attention?
What is the QUALITY of that attention?

We have so many daily physical and mental routines that go unnoticed. In fact 90% of our thinking and habits are the same from day to day. To me social media is definitely one of them! Just take a second to think of how mindless and passive we are when we check FB, Instagram and Twitter, especially late at night and early in the morning before we even wake up.

Everyday I ask myself “ How can I add more mindfulness to my daily activities to be more present?”

Attention and personal energy are the currency of the mind and for me, mine has been wasted for far too long on stuff that is not moving me forward into becoming the best version of myself.

I know I am super suggestible and my social media feeds and YouTube’s “you might like…” are not helping at all. I believe all of us spend too much time trying to control what we can’t and not enough time on what we can control!

We can’t necessarily control who is in the office but we can control how we react to them. We can’t control all the Facebooks and IG sponsored posts but we can control how we react to them.

Aimlessly going through a social media feed is stealing attention, time and energy that we could use to better ourselves and more importantly time to connect with people in REAL LIFE, shocking I know! (You young kids might not know about that!)

On Facebook, I recently unfollowed everyone and everything just to clean house. I find this a better alternative than deleting my account. I actually do like connecting with friends and family globally. This way when someone pops into my head and I want to see what they are up to I have to actively seek them out. Much like the old school version of actually picking up a phone or as a kid going over to their house, knocking on their door and asking if they can play.

I recently heard “We are the canvas our dreams are painted on.”
Lately I feel like I am creating art on a used canvas with a half-done painting already on it. Too many brush strokes already exist and are distracting me from what I want to create.
It’s time for a fresh canvas.😁