To sweep me off my little feet, each-day-with-a-perfect ______ {genus}!”🤠🤠🤠🤠

“SHALL WE FLY AWAY TO VENUS?” a poem. Tuesday: August 14, 2018.

“Since I’m-not-truly-happy – I-need-to-focus on my dreams;

I think I’ll fly away to Venus, on some video streams –

I’m empty! My-eyes-are-shut – and I’M (so) ALONE!

Perhaps if I can talk some more – on a cosmic phone:

If we could all just talk more – we’d be happier too?

LET’S TALK ABOUT VENUS! The-Sun-has-a-pale-hue!

And flowers are over-rated – and it’s too hot outside;

I am never really sated, so I’m ready for a ride!

Impress me – and thrill me – for you can entertain,

And I (pause) won’t do it –

But-I-can-sure-complain –

Until-someone-more-than-special, FINALLY ARRIVES,

Who collects vomiting dogs – and too tried wives,

Who makes things com-for-table, and “tickles the ear,”

And says:

AND NOW Y’ALL – we need have no fear! / We need not push, or pull or sweat / And I’ve-happy-pills-for-your-thrills, my lovely, little PET! / And my soothing “Pipes of Pan” (pause) are played for all / Who bow – down-to-me – and HEED MY CALL! And my call – is-simply: DON’T PUT UP WITH TODAY! Don’t-smile-or-add-any-color – to shades of gray / Don’t squeeze lemons – for lemonade / Just close – your – eyes; such sweet dreams I’ve made! / And-they’ll-enfold-you – NO! No, it’s NOT a trap! Just a pretty Venus adventure – take-ya-a-little-nap!

I just want my wishes – fulfilled ALL THE TIME;

I just want the-HAPPY-EVER-AFTER in this rhyme;

I just want a stranger – tall and dark from Venus,

To sweep me off my little feet, each-day-with-a-perfect ______ {genus}!”

As I – stepped on board the spacecraft – I had a funny feeling,

Voices in my dreamy head, really had me reeling!

“In Venus, there is Love Divine; forever-ever – you are mine!”

Yet, as-we-approached, there was a sign:


                                          :) - It’s all about serving humans!*

fin. ❤

    • for lunch or dinner!! 🙂