Amorous vacation time – in-a-hotel-room? 💥

“YOUR EMBRACE!” a poem. Monday: 13 August 2018

Making lots of money?

Business full “in bloom?”

Amorous vacation time – in-a-hotel-room?

With all of the amenities, One thousand bucks per night:

Scenic destinations! Loving all the sight(s)!

Interesting companions – Parties! Really classy,

Drinking and carousing with – every lad & lassie,

And THIS – is fun? exciting? I-guess, but it’s-all-for-naught,

THE MAIN THING? It’s my love for YOU,

YOU-YOU-YOU – I got!

Without you, all this stuff is nice, but critical? it ain’t;


Now THAT can make me faint!

And – passing out (pause) in your arms, beyond this fickle place:

Is all I REALLY live for –

In-your-passionate-embrace! 🙂

fin. ❤