“I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!” a poem a.k.a.: “He Who Laughs, Lasts!” August 11, 2018 – Saturday.

There once was a sult-r-ee lass, and her name? It was just Mimmy Cass,

Yea!-a vibrant – und-carefree- debuntante!

She’d play games, with the boys – Broke the Hearts of her TOYS,

‘Cause they’d never quite get what they’d wa(h)nt!!

THIS HER GAME: “Stay right there; I’ll be back; don’t you dare!

Just you wait – we’ll have fun here tonight!

So – they’d wait ON & ON – She was GONE! {What a pawn} –

And fin’lly – the boy’d see his plight!!

And in this fine way – It went on many a day,

For many guys tried to wait LONG!

And-ALL-hoped she’d return; they might wait, but she’d learn,

How devoted – they were – just how STRONG!!

Well, now, years passed her by; she would leave and they’d cry,

Awaiting her lover-ly return!

It was clear – no one waited, Very Long, for they hated, (pause)

Having-to-feel all that glorious burn!!

Yet – one day – HE-did-”get back:” Texas Cowboy, named JACK,

And she tried her same trick one more time!

But Jack waited and smiled, for he knew She was wild,

And He drew her (back)-to-The Scene of The Crime!!

It might-a been weeks – or maybe a year, but Jack would not budge,


And she-reluctantly brought back her charms!

For Jack-said: “I will wait! ‘Cause I think you’re so great,

And YOU’RE WORTH IT!” She fell in(to) his arms!!

“Are you patient or daft?” As she stared, he just laughed,

And it ruffled her feathers a bit!

“Well, I’m stupid but kind; and I hope you don’t mind,

But I think that we’ll make a good fit!!

He was right (for) cowboys know – how to tame a wild doe,

And a good gal is quite worth the wait!

So – Jack and our Mim – still today, she’s with him,

Who-knows-maybe – it’s worth being LATE! 🙂

fin. ❤