Diary of a Madman😁💥💥

Because so many have expressed an interested in the conclusion of the un-rhymed poem “The Bodhisattva Vow,” first presented HERE, on page 52 of “Diary of a Madman,” a.k.a.: “The Contented Heart,” we have decided to (quickly) present the ending to that poem (which, of course, ends on page 53). So, we are presenting a portion of PAGE 53! Whoopee! Here it is:
{from p. 52} . . . . I AM PURE AWARENESS, at other times . . . like a few hours ago, I am just MAD and nothing makes sense! & what’s the story today? I guess- {will} I give Dad the “stuff” I have found on the dangers of white filling material(?) SUFFERING is enjoyment? – A VERY difficult teaching . . . meant just for me. SIGN POSTS!! Little clues I have left myself . . . Hansel & Gretel’s breadcrumbs . . . to find my way home from the cottage of the Evil Witch, conditional reality . . . back home to BEYOND EDEN or BEYOND WONDERLAND, the unconditional realms? {Do such realms really exist? Preposterous! Of course NOT!} I AM removed from The World . . . my discipline(?) . . . falling into “more or less” states of awareness – trying to fathom the one, pure truth: that I AM PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, pure awareness ALONE. A-lone – A Lone Star – trying to return to the Garden of Eden – trying to get past the Mighty Guardians (that) I posted at its gates, to scare me from ever entering, purposely making them as scary as possible to return to The Tree of Life, the apparent end of the “infinity” of conditional existences. – The Tree of Life? : the absolute unknown. Is it LOVE? – EROS, AGAPE? . . . Amor(e) . . . . Mi amor – Mon Cheri * The names of the 2 Mighty Warriors I posted at the gates leading to Shangri La – ? Twiddle Dee & Twiddle Dum, the Mighty Ones. I AM THE CREATOR. I AM YOUR CREATOR. I am Alice. I am Lewis Carroll. I am the story of Alice in Wonderland . I am Lewis Carroll, writing. I am writing. I AM . . . . writing. & to BE AWARE of BEING pure awareness. Therefore, most of the time or dare I say, 100% of the time . . . now that’s something, isn’t it!” [the apparent end of the poem!!] ❤ {O. M. G.}

” Be kind to unkind people
they need it the most” 💜💜“I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!”