“DIFFERENT STROKES – FOR US COWPOKES!” a poem August 12, 2018 – SUN-day There was so much interest in The Adventures of Mimmy Cass and her Texas Cowboy Jack, that a second poem had to be written, to check up on M & J, just a couple o’ kids, trying to get by in this great, big world! Enjoy!

Remember Mimmy Cass? Yes, THAT girl! What a gas!!

Well, she became (YES!) a computer “whiz,”

And Jack, The Cowboy, her willing sex toy,

Writes poem for her sites – which DON’T fizz:

THEY EXPLODE, with a bang – What poetry! Oh, gosh, dang!

And Mim is the fine catalyst!

BUT – one day, Hell to pay, a-critic got-in-the-way,

And challenged our Mim; here’s the gist:

“Write your own poetic set – You CAN’T do it, I’ll bet!”

And poor Mim, she got (well) kinda “pissed!”

‘Cause these-rhymes-’re- not her thing (?)* What she does makes bells ring,

Her computer skills? High on the list!!

Yet, “no talent,” she thought – with emotions she fought,

And she questioned herself through the day!

But soon Jack arrived home – well, he wrote this-here poem,

So that she’d not fee-el so “gray!!”

[YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS? Tops! Me? don’t know bytes from bops,

And your critic should-a put in perspective,

THAT YOU ARE MY MUSE, and, without you, I’d lose,

My loving poetic directive!!]

Life’s often about having A SET – Mim & me, we’re so glad that we met,

For TOGETHER, we are such a pair!

Divided? we’ll fall; and we two got it all,

I’m her stallion – and she’s my sweet mare. 🙂

fin. ❤

    • Actually, Mim is an outstandingly fine poet; she’s just so busy “making love to all those widgets,” that she sometimes can’t find the time to “pen” the perfect poetry and prose to her satisfaction!! 🙂 – “Just wait! I bet we’ll see some poetry from Mimmy in the near future!!”