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. . . . it might still be pretty intense and even . . .(52) painful, but it provides them with a memory that really seems to enhance their life, not diminish it. Not so for the “unlucky!” The same kind of situation: (elicits) a very different response, depending who you are. TRUE STORY: There was once a plastic surgeon (he quit, BUT . . .) who had patients, who came to him to get beautiful. He operated on them ALL. Some, afterwards, looked in the mirror & saw beauty & went forth in life with joy; others, also operated on, looked & saw no change . . still felt ugly . . . even complained that he had not operated at all – even though most (people generally) agreed change was obvious. Similar events – totally different response. The second (disgruntled) group was not allowed to see. Their responses, their beliefs LITERALLY overpowered the operation. WE SEE WHAT WE WANT TO SEE, or What We are ALLOWED to see. Returning to Richard Rose, he was allowed or allowed himself to become aware that he is pure awareness, like us all. The eyes of Love see Everything as beautiful. THERE’S NOBODY HERE, IS THERE? – When great anger comes & stays, WHAT CAN YOU DO? observe, watch, accept – it is here – it must mean something – the story of poisoned teeth – why I am telling this story? What is this situation? what do poisoned teeth signify(?) the basic tools to chew, to break down the energy for your body. You [are “tricked”(?) into having someone] trusted a so-called “expert” to tamper with tools basic to your ability to have energy to live. You allowed someone to violate you – you allowed yourself – you raped yourself. what can you do now? How can you change your perception of the situation? How? 5 – 6 years of poisoning. Irreversible? Partially Reversible. Completely? How? You put yourself in harm’s way. How can you forgive yourself – Can you do that by forgiving others? How? anger . . . so strong. THIS ANGER, for allowing your body to be violated, for trusting others with what YOU were entrusted with(!) DO NOT TRUST IN “OUTSIDE” SOURCES – with what YOU are entrusted with – – – YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO DO RIGHT WITH WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN ENTRUSTED (with). Whatever happens, YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE – YOU CAN’T BLAME OTHERS – it is SILLY. So the anger is about the judging of letting this happen. DO THE RIGHT THING (?) That’s all.

“THE BODHISATTVA VOW: or DIARY OF A MADMAN:” a poem (of sorts!) . . . “I AM here – until everyone & everything is transcended – It can be no other way – for, until that occurs, I AM not transcended. All else is projection. Do I reincarnate? – something like that? But no one else does. They (or) (it) are (is) just endless projections, archetypes in this story of mine, where I AM sometimes conscious, sometimes not, occasionally in (a)state(s) of oblivion. like { } & all these things are “signposts,” if you will . . . reminders that I AM on a journey. How much I AM able to recognize that, is, of course, up to me. I AM PURE AWARENESS – at other times, . . . {the poem continues? on page 53; well, now, I, for ONE, can hardly wait!!} 🙂