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“EVER FALLING IN LOVE WITH LITTLE EL-LE!” a poem August 10, 2018: {Freya’s Day}

There’s a subtLE twinkLE – in your eyes, as we piddLE in our trundLE bed!

You sizzLE, as-we-nuzzLE, and “A-little-tinkLE-just-might-drizzLE!” as-you-said!!

I love to suckLE, so warm & gentle; I, your poodLE, really tingLE;

CuddLE, cuddLE-with-a-littLE-tickLE is what we do, as we co-mingLE,

We bungLE! ‘Neath our fluffLE, white & softy linen sheets,

Undercover, kissing-your-noodLE, the scrumptious boodLE greets –

Perhaps some strudEL, as we oodLE; I’ll sip sweet fruitLE from your rumpLe!!

It’s-no-great-leap, you-know – to imagine our embracLE in rhythmic humpLE,

And-I-love to fizzLE, as we doodLE ‘cause-


A littLE stickLE, or-perhaps-a-prickLE – to make you squeal with delight!

CoodLE TrudLE, I love your stinkLE, your-dripping-wuffLE from your frumpLE;

And, YES! There’s-been-accus(a)EL! of-(engaging-in)-outrageous humpLE,

And you know I’d whiffLE you, ‘til mackerEL come home OR – until IT creams!

So, IF-we-sleep, my li’l punkLE, our dinkLe wunkLe can prinkLe in our dreams!


With angels, sprites, ELves & fairies (pause) who mingLE – in-extremes! 🙂

fin. ❤