“PREDICTED POLITICAL NAME DIRECTIONS!?” a poem August 9, 2018 (Thursday) Pictures supra: John Kerry and John Edwards, a young pilot named John McCain, a slick, military-looking fellow named Donald Trump – and Don Sherwood, a Republic from Pennsylvania who still has some connections in Washington, D. C.

There might be a trend here – or, maybe, a plague!

In the political arena – because, since Al Haig,*

There-have-been quite-a-few JOHNs in the political biz,

And DONs have been popular – seldom-a-Liz!

Well, if anyone-unscrupulous and fairly amazing,

Picks up on this trend – there could be-major-”hazing,”

I’m sure there will always be plenty of “con”s,

‘Cause-in-politics, that’s expected – and-there might be some LONs,**

Meaning (pause) that-some werewolves, will be jumping “on board,”

POLITICIANS! With-their-names-and-faces! What a mot-l-ey horde!

And the Orientals and/or Norse – are sure to-be-within-view:

Hans – or Ha(a)n – will start campaigning too!

I don’t expect a-lot-of-BONs! which means: “Good!”

But I’m betting on: more Rons, Dawns, Chons and blondes, if I could:

Fawns and Shawn – or – Shauns and Vonns are sure to be on the horizon,

Just wait! You think I’m kidding! THIS COULD-BE MOST SURPRISIN”!

fin. ❤

    • U. S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig, Jr., who served under President RONald Reagan! 🙂 -back in the 80′s!

** – Lon Chaney & his son Lon Chaney, Jr. – who played werewolves and other monstrous creatures and characters in old black-and-white America films!