“PREDICTED POLITICAL NAME DIRECTIONS!?” a poem August 9, 2018 (Thursday) Pictures supra: John Kerry and John Edwards, a young pilot named John McCain, a slick, military-looking fellow named Donald Trump – and Don Sherwood, a Republic from Pennsylvania who still has some connections in Washington, D. C.

There might be a trend here – or, maybe, a plague!

In the political arena – because, since Al Haig,*

There-have-been quite-a-few JOHNs in the political biz,

And DONs have been popular – seldom-a-Liz!

Well, if anyone-unscrupulous and fairly amazing,

Picks up on this trend – there could be-major-”hazing,”

I’m sure there will always be plenty of “con”s,

‘Cause-in-politics, that’s expected – and-there might be some LONs,**

Meaning (pause) that-some werewolves, will be jumping “on board,”

POLITICIANS! With-their-names-and-faces! What a mot-l-ey horde!

And the Orientals and/or Norse – are sure to-be-within-view:

Hans – or Ha(a)n – will start campaigning too!

I don’t expect a-lot-of-BONs! which means: “Good!”

But I’m betting on: more Rons, Dawns, Chons and blondes, if I could:

Fawns and Shawn – or – Shauns and Vonns are sure to be on the horizon,

Just wait! You think I’m kidding! THIS COULD-BE MOST SURPRISIN”!

fin. ❤

    • U. S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig, Jr., who served under President RONald Reagan! 🙂 -back in the 80′s!

** – Lon Chaney & his son Lon Chaney, Jr. – who played werewolves and other monstrous creatures and characters in old black-and-white America films!



The most beautiful presentation thank you 💥

The Art of Blogging

Disclaimer: This is my reply to Jordan’s Are You a Blogger or Just Blogging?.

One of the things I enjoy doing from time to time is photography. Probably I know more about DSLRs and mirrorless cameras than I do about photography itself, but nevertheless…

Long story short, because cameras have become so damn good at taking pictures, nowadays the idea is that anyone can become a photographer if they’re willing to invest in the right equipment.

Buy an expensive camera, and you’ll be able to take good photographs.

Not great, but good.

So, yeah, anyone can blog. Anyone can create an account, start a blog, write posts, take advantage of all kinds of social media platforms…

To do all that you need a smartphone or a laptop. A decent internet connection. That’s it, basically.

And given enough time, you could become pretty good at it.

Good, but not great.

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“The Lovers” Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

The lovers
will drink wine night and day
They will drink until they can
tear away the veils of intellect and
melt away the layers of shame and modesty
When in Love,
body, mind, heart and soul don’t even exist
Become this,
fall in Love, and you will not be separated again



Whatever you lack

I got you

We will balance each other out

Minor setback?

Guess what we will make a major comeback

Bad day?

Promise you a better night

You need support I will be you backbone

I will keep you motivated and at the top

As long as you appreciate me and remain consistent and you never have to doubt my loyalty to you

You got me

I got us 💜

Her insane jealousies are what I bore -💥💥💥

“A LESSON OF HUNGER!” a poem August 9, 2018 – Thor’s Day.

With her love, I DIE (pause) and-am-re-born;

She waits! She strikes – me-down. (pause) The Norm!

I could not ask for anything-more,

Her insane jealousies are what I bore –

Her death-grip will choke my life away,

And then we’ll kiss, in-this certain way,

As her elixir issues forth,

Such nourishment – secreted North.

PERPETUAL HUNGER! She laughs at me;

No other way, could all this be!

She says: “Be hard,” when love’s so soft;

Her fragrant bubbles – gently waft,

And, in this stupor, the nectar fills,

Me – to-saturation, and-my-Spirit-thrills,

For life, for death, within her reach!


fin. ❤

Jesus Message💥

Jesus Message.
It is the clearness of your mind and the deep feelings of your heart that swings open the door to awareness that I come among you and the experiences will feel overwhelming for what stirs within and your awareness of the energies that surround you pause you to be at one. The world will lose its hold over you for your world has become preparation for the new that you will be lifted to. You would have exposed yourself for who you are and the power within you will be that which fully protects you. The love is life restoring itself as it should be. Be of good heart and know that its in your quest to be love that takes your mind from the devil energy that destroys your mind and occupy s it for its own purpose of destruction. Be not of this world for your heart is with me, let not the disciples of evil place your heart in a world trying to destroy itself. BE LOVE AND HOLD FAST YOUR GROUND FOR I COME IN A MOMENT THAT HAS BEEN SET BY THE WORKINGS OF YOUR HEART. Be at peace as I was lifted so shall you be on my return to the moment of sacred sounds.
Dear Jesus, in your love I trust and share what you have given to me. Help me to be strong in your revelations of now and to come. May all hearts open to the Holy Spirit of this message. Amen.