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Jesus Message.
I give my love to all who open to the reality of truth. This does not mean you will not share with an individual who unknowingly is yet to fully understand the divine laws. Judge not others but give your truth by living it and being at peace with it. For many know their way of life is missing much love and generosity from those around them, but you come in peace and an open-heart to give to others what they need if you can share that truth and love. Known also to be open to give and receive, for love flows in all ways. In this is how you live will be a witness to my total love, for you as you put to death the ways that separate yourself from me to receiving Life fully in the Love never ending.
Thank you dear Jesus for the love and wisdom you freely give to me and my sisters and brothers. Forever we are thankful for your love and compassion towards our learning. Amen.
Luke Le Bree.