You can move the mountain; you can raise the dead;💥💥💥

“IT’S EASY!” a poem. August 6, 2018 – Moon-day …

IT’S EASY-to-make-everything-you-desire-happen (pause) That’s-The-Tao!*

It’s NOT so easy-(at-least-not-for-everybody)-to-get-it-to-happen-NOW!

You can move the mountain; you can raise the dead;

You can live forever – at-least-in-your-head!

You can acquire EVERYTHING, in the blink of an eye,

“BUT YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH!” and-the-seminar-participants-did-sigh!

And they asked for their money back, their faithless hands extended,

And Mr. Magoo touched each one – and they were truly “mended,”

But that-didn’t, not “one iota,” ‘cause their faith to increase,

They all said: “Yea, I’m healed, BUT** I still have not got peace!”

AND – HE said, as all “the learners” watched Him drive out-of-their-life:

“A little faith goes a long, long way, but it’s like a red-hot knife!

And, when most people cut and bleed, they’ll run right to The Clinic,

For their faith is so eroded; their perpet-u-a-al cynic,

Can see about as clearly, as a mole on a dreary day;

Come on, little rodent folks – come out here and play!

Come play! and we shall move some mountains – and laugh into the Sun,

And stroll on all the beaches; holding hands can be so fun!

Let’s drink us some water, which lives in the brook,

Let’s kiss right here, Honey:

My Heart’s An Open Book! 🙂

fin. ❤

    • The WAY!

** – but, but, but … but, but …

#** – but#but