What is it the human searching for answers to life? In the scheme of things does it really matter? Maybe, mankind looks for answers cause we were blessed with a unique brain. A Higher Voice once said “search and you will receive” Mad Mans Diary is just that!


(AREA) 51
A path of heart may not be hard, but it might be really hard on you . . .
in other words, it may not require much of any of what you PERCEIVE
to be “your effort: – i.e.: It might just seem to happen to you – out of
your control . . . like a stroke, or falling into 3 days of coma, or
an out-of-body experience from being hit by a car. So, those things
are really hard, in a sense . . . it’s just that it appears (that you) didn’t
make profound conscious effort to achieve them. Whew! – – – So what
do you do, just wait for IT? A: Evidently not, but you don’t go seeking
for it either. What if every existence is a path of Heart & you
are just not always aware of it? ex: one phase or lifetime COULD APPEAR
VERY MUCH NOT PART of The Heart (like being a mass murderer) – What about that?
THIS IS VERY dangerous thinking, isn’t it! But IF the lifetime can
only be understood in the context of all the other lifetimes (assuming you believe in the rubbish of reincarnation) it would make sense. You would need the big picture though & the big picture may only be identifiable by “FAITH,” because such proved revelation
would only defeat that lifetime’s “HEART” which is to be really
ignorant & depressed & distressed. This concept could not possibly
be true – or could it? Suddenly Charles Manson’s life & the life of
Hitler & The Son-of-Sam are transformed; any judgment of them becomes
different, yet IF they killed or tortured you in that lifetime, it
would probably not alter your pain IF you knew of the “big picture”
at the time of your (apparent) death. It would perhaps help you though to love
your enemies & you could say “they don’t know what they’re doing;
so I can perhaps really forgive them.” Jesus was said to say LOVE
YOUR ENEMIES, a next-to-impossible thing sometimes.

When Richard Rose was young, he had an event. One day, in his room,
his head started to really hurt! He thought it might be a stroke! “He” seemed
to fly out of his body & went & experienced whatever he thought. then, he
thought what OBLIVION might be like; suddenly, he “passed out.” The next
thing he knew, he was “back in his body.” So, I guess, oblivion is just
like passing out – nothing. My thought: he had an EVENT, just “something!”
Could that same “something,” for another person, be experienced as a
stroke? So, in a real way he did have a stroke, but his experience of
that something was not as the typical stroke is reported. THE POINT:
the same experience is not interpreted by all folks the same way! Some
folks, I suppose, are lucky: the similar, intense event can be what seems
like a real “good” event for them – it might still be pretty intense & even . . .