Suffice-it to say, Honey Childs: WE WERE ALL THE RAGE!😁😁😁

“ANOTHER VISIT TO ‘THE SHRINK!’“ a poem Tuesday: 7 August 2018

I went to “The Head Doctor” the other day, and it was no surprise,

She told me she knew what was wrong, with a glimmer in her eyes:

“You were withdrawn – from The Breast – too early as a child,

That is why, NOW: You’re so hungry-and-sexy-beyond-WILD!

So- suddenly -her-blouse-and-bra! GONE! AND-I-ran, cowering-to-a-corner,

As she advanced-and-romanced-me –

Me! Just Jolly Jack Horner!

“We’re gonna work this thing out; I KNOW we can, Sir,

All you need – is to take-what-you-need – from this willing HER!”

I SHUDDERED & MOANED (and drooled a bit),


I “girded my loins,” to-do-the-right-thing, and, yes, I SANG HER A SONG.

I thought this might help just a bit, to tame HER savage beast,

But SHE CONTINUED-to-tempt-and-advance,

And TITILLATE, to-say-the-least!!

Well, I’d tell you some more, but this here’s “A Family Page,”

Suffice-it to say, Honey Childs: WE WERE ALL THE RAGE!

And, well, I’m NOT completely cured, but CLOSE, all right,

But I still – like a glass o’ warm milk – IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! 🙂

fin. ❤


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