Dear Lord💥💥

You my son Luke have come from a long distance to live and abide in me. You are gathering many people of so much love, and they are feeling my presence in their life as never before. The day comes when I will gather you all into my Heaven and in the oneness we will rejoice in all that is real. Each one of you will be my life on display and smiles upon the children’s faces will reveal the truth of life and a wonderful oneness shared equally. I am proud of you all for I see you all awakening to be close to me and you are, I want you to know none of you are unnoticed and all of that which is beautiful in my love have not wasted your time for some of you have self Judgment upon yourself. Let it go, I embrace you as myself.
The Dearest Lord of my life, I wish to say (and I feel I say for all) We are all blessed with happiness and are becoming the love that you shared your life, so we can now rejoice being one with you in our hearts. Amen.
Luke Le Bree.