Suffice-it to say, Honey Childs: WE WERE ALL THE RAGE!😁😁😁

“ANOTHER VISIT TO ‘THE SHRINK!’“ a poem Tuesday: 7 August 2018

I went to “The Head Doctor” the other day, and it was no surprise,

She told me she knew what was wrong, with a glimmer in her eyes:

“You were withdrawn – from The Breast – too early as a child,

That is why, NOW: You’re so hungry-and-sexy-beyond-WILD!

So- suddenly -her-blouse-and-bra! GONE! AND-I-ran, cowering-to-a-corner,

As she advanced-and-romanced-me –

Me! Just Jolly Jack Horner!

“We’re gonna work this thing out; I KNOW we can, Sir,

All you need – is to take-what-you-need – from this willing HER!”

I SHUDDERED & MOANED (and drooled a bit),


I “girded my loins,” to-do-the-right-thing, and, yes, I SANG HER A SONG.

I thought this might help just a bit, to tame HER savage beast,

But SHE CONTINUED-to-tempt-and-advance,

And TITILLATE, to-say-the-least!!

Well, I’d tell you some more, but this here’s “A Family Page,”

Suffice-it to say, Honey Childs: WE WERE ALL THE RAGE!

And, well, I’m NOT completely cured, but CLOSE, all right,

But I still – like a glass o’ warm milk – IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! 🙂

fin. ❤

“THE HARDHEADED BRAT OF BREWSTER COUNTY?!” a poem August 7, 2018 -💣💣

“THE HARDHEADED BRAT OF BREWSTER COUNTY?!” a poem August 7, 2018 – Tuesday. a.k.a.: “Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs: IF You Have Questions, Call The Thiefs; If You’ve No Questions, Then Something’s Wrong – You-Need-An-Attitude-Adjustment … And A Different Song!”

“YOU! YOU! – You-you-need,

To ‘get on board’ and learn to read!

And-agree-more-often with conventionality!

IF-you-don’t, Mr. Hardhead, hardship you’ll see.

STUBBORN – is what WE think you are;

‘Get-with-the-program’-Mister! Then-you’ll ‘go far!!’

Hard Head! Resistant! to OUR decree,



🙂 – And so it went, and so it goes!

I-feel-the-condemnation, DOWN TO MY TOES!

And-yet! I-still-think-these-folks-are-filled-with-s – – –

I’d like them, for a change, to suck my _ _ _,

Or, actually, I really guess I don’t care

Any more (pause) for, this hardheaded “bear,”

Has heard these phrases once too often,

And thinks, perhaps, that in a coffin,

THEY should be put – with all of those,

That THINK – that I should stick my nose,

Into their armpits – and smell the roses!

And sim-pl-y – Adapt, THEIR SILLY POSES!

Q: Are my poor views, so filled with c _ _ _,

They THEY’ll – forever – continue their flap,

To say:

“You’re stubborn! YES! Hard-headed YOU, to have your own opinions, when they ‘don’t ring’ TRUE, with OUR ‘good judgment;’ you need a life / That patterns OURS; so-you-won’t-create strife / We NEED-to set you, set you – STRAIGHT! / Perhaps! We haven’t got-to-you-TOO-LATE!!”

“No, no,” said I; “you’re-not-only-late –


But, I’m sure, I-am-too and-I’m-OK-with-that:

YOU DON’T SEEM TO BE* – but that ‘don’t’ make me the brat!” – 🙂

fin. ❤

    • OK with that!!

What is it the human searching for answers to life? In the scheme of things does it really matter? Maybe, mankind looks for answers cause we were blessed with a unique brain. A Higher Voice once said “search and you will receive” Mad Mans Diary is just that!


(AREA) 51
A path of heart may not be hard, but it might be really hard on you . . .
in other words, it may not require much of any of what you PERCEIVE
to be “your effort: – i.e.: It might just seem to happen to you – out of
your control . . . like a stroke, or falling into 3 days of coma, or
an out-of-body experience from being hit by a car. So, those things
are really hard, in a sense . . . it’s just that it appears (that you) didn’t
make profound conscious effort to achieve them. Whew! – – – So what
do you do, just wait for IT? A: Evidently not, but you don’t go seeking
for it either. What if every existence is a path of Heart & you
are just not always aware of it? ex: one phase or lifetime COULD APPEAR
VERY MUCH NOT PART of The Heart (like being a mass murderer) – What about that?
THIS IS VERY dangerous thinking, isn’t it! But IF the lifetime can
only be understood in the context of all the other lifetimes (assuming you believe in the rubbish of reincarnation) it would make sense. You would need the big picture though & the big picture may only be identifiable by “FAITH,” because such proved revelation
would only defeat that lifetime’s “HEART” which is to be really
ignorant & depressed & distressed. This concept could not possibly
be true – or could it? Suddenly Charles Manson’s life & the life of
Hitler & The Son-of-Sam are transformed; any judgment of them becomes
different, yet IF they killed or tortured you in that lifetime, it
would probably not alter your pain IF you knew of the “big picture”
at the time of your (apparent) death. It would perhaps help you though to love
your enemies & you could say “they don’t know what they’re doing;
so I can perhaps really forgive them.” Jesus was said to say LOVE
YOUR ENEMIES, a next-to-impossible thing sometimes.

When Richard Rose was young, he had an event. One day, in his room,
his head started to really hurt! He thought it might be a stroke! “He” seemed
to fly out of his body & went & experienced whatever he thought. then, he
thought what OBLIVION might be like; suddenly, he “passed out.” The next
thing he knew, he was “back in his body.” So, I guess, oblivion is just
like passing out – nothing. My thought: he had an EVENT, just “something!”
Could that same “something,” for another person, be experienced as a
stroke? So, in a real way he did have a stroke, but his experience of
that something was not as the typical stroke is reported. THE POINT:
the same experience is not interpreted by all folks the same way! Some
folks, I suppose, are lucky: the similar, intense event can be what seems
like a real “good” event for them – it might still be pretty intense & even . . .

You can move the mountain; you can raise the dead;💥💥💥

“IT’S EASY!” a poem. August 6, 2018 – Moon-day …

IT’S EASY-to-make-everything-you-desire-happen (pause) That’s-The-Tao!*

It’s NOT so easy-(at-least-not-for-everybody)-to-get-it-to-happen-NOW!

You can move the mountain; you can raise the dead;

You can live forever – at-least-in-your-head!

You can acquire EVERYTHING, in the blink of an eye,

“BUT YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH!” and-the-seminar-participants-did-sigh!

And they asked for their money back, their faithless hands extended,

And Mr. Magoo touched each one – and they were truly “mended,”

But that-didn’t, not “one iota,” ‘cause their faith to increase,

They all said: “Yea, I’m healed, BUT** I still have not got peace!”

AND – HE said, as all “the learners” watched Him drive out-of-their-life:

“A little faith goes a long, long way, but it’s like a red-hot knife!

And, when most people cut and bleed, they’ll run right to The Clinic,

For their faith is so eroded; their perpet-u-a-al cynic,

Can see about as clearly, as a mole on a dreary day;

Come on, little rodent folks – come out here and play!

Come play! and we shall move some mountains – and laugh into the Sun,

And stroll on all the beaches; holding hands can be so fun!

Let’s drink us some water, which lives in the brook,

Let’s kiss right here, Honey:

My Heart’s An Open Book! 🙂

fin. ❤

    • The WAY!

** – but, but, but … but, but …

#** – but#but

To explain: this revolving life that we call THE WHEEL!💜💜

“SHOPPING FOR THE BEST DEAL!” a poem. August 6, 2018 (Monday)

Since time Immemorial, we’ve just been looking for the BEST DEAL,

To explain: this revolving life that we call THE WHEEL!

In Buddhism, they even make reference to “the hub,”

Around which everything revolves! The Beatles? – chose-a-yellow-sub!

The Jesus story is better than birthday cake;

Just have FAITH – for goodness’ sake,

And-you’re HOME FREE – Whoopee-doo!

The Jews think – it’s more up to you!!

Anyway, Tao-ism’s-about-opposites-uniting – PRETTY NICE,

Just-BALANCE YOUR LIFE, accept sugar and spice –

And Islam, the path of Surrender,

Offers jihad*, a real mind-bender!

Confucius did teach about societal regulation,

Just excellent, but I don’t think you get much vacation!

And The Hindus, with gurus and meditation levitation,

Offers great yoga and breatharian inspiration!!

Just get out your big shopping cart these days –

You can mix and match – for your life to “raise!”

I guess – it’s really just about finding the best deal for YOU;

Or you can “chunk ‘em all!” That’s a path too!



Because it seems that every human – comes with a defect or a dent,

EVEN THOSE who like to declare:

“ I AM perfection, Honey Bear!”

HUMANS! Ya gotta love ‘em, or you can shoot ‘em for sport,



IF I lose that loving feeling and go empty and dry,

Please let me rest my head in your lap, Honey,


fin. ❤

    • actual or spiritual or both! 🙂

Dear Lord💥💥

You my son Luke have come from a long distance to live and abide in me. You are gathering many people of so much love, and they are feeling my presence in their life as never before. The day comes when I will gather you all into my Heaven and in the oneness we will rejoice in all that is real. Each one of you will be my life on display and smiles upon the children’s faces will reveal the truth of life and a wonderful oneness shared equally. I am proud of you all for I see you all awakening to be close to me and you are, I want you to know none of you are unnoticed and all of that which is beautiful in my love have not wasted your time for some of you have self Judgment upon yourself. Let it go, I embrace you as myself.
The Dearest Lord of my life, I wish to say (and I feel I say for all) We are all blessed with happiness and are becoming the love that you shared your life, so we can now rejoice being one with you in our hearts. Amen.
Luke Le Bree.