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“THE BALM OF GILEAD!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Staying With You!” August 6, 2018: Moon.

What is more important? Than protecting-the-feelings-of-delicate-“souls?”

I haven’t got “the foggiest notion;” that’s just how it goes,

[To-keep a loved-one from suffering-hurt] has got to top the list,


But sometimes we have missed:

RECOGNIZING – how critical feelings are, for instance, to our mothers:

Jesus’ Favorite Prayer?:

“Help-them-LORD; please-help, help these-others;

Keep them safe and forgive them, even-if hatred they raise,

For they are lost and lonely, throughout their tearful days!”

The sacred BALM OF GILEAD was said to cure all things,

But we don’t even really know (from) which tree the resin brings!

It could have been the terebinth (supra), a tannic, fragrant shrub,

Replete-with-an-aromatic-medicinal – upon-the (very) sad they’d rub,

In-hopes – that their torn feelings – could take a blessed turn,

So depression and anxiety would cease their constant “burn!”

It’s-easy-to-say – that you don’t care,

When you’re hurried and worried and don’t wish to share,

BUT, when you find a quiet moment and contemplate this life,

It seems clear, others’ feelings are dear, as-of your children or your wife.

All we can do? – Say: “I love you – and -Things’ll be all right!”

Even IF – it is – a little, white lie – ‘cause we’re in a fearful plight –

But SOMEONE, I think, must step right up and say: “It’ll be OK!”

Or this whole experience is-bound-to-collapse, and (pause)


fin. ❤