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“EVEN MORE THAN AUDREY II !” a poem. a.k.a.: “The Inevitable Conflict Between Mothers & Daughters?” Freya’s Day: August 3, 2018.

AUDREY had a daughter: She was EVEN-MORE,

Than-anything-you-can-even-imagine – got honey bees by the score!

These flowers, like a daughter & mother? A personality clash?

I don’t think so – just so similar, and, since mama has the “cache,”*

SHE CAN WIELD HER CONTROL, so there’s NO clash of personality,

It’s more like: two control freaks, in the same room – so much simila-ar-ity!

So, this flower daughter, young and wild – fluttered-around-in-the-breeze,

EVEN-MORE – was oblivious – to the call of the honey bees!

She wanted NO attention, pollination and such,

And EVEN-MORE than that – she liked her own fragrant touch!

She wasn’t sad;

She wasn’t bad.

But – did she EVEN-MORE make the honey bees mad!

BEES! Flitting from flower to flower,

‘Cause: Aren’t flowers stationary? – hour by hour?

But EVEN-MORE, the flower girl, had fine plans of her own,

To wanted to make – an empire – she could call her home!

Wild and Free, like the honey bee,

She was the prettiest flower I ever did see!

BUT – one day – a long time hence,

She FINALLY just decided – to sit on the fence!

She got a nice pot – one of her own,

And watched the garden lawn – getting mown!

YET – EVEN-MORE was lonely – and mostly all alone,

So when Seymour 2 B did come, with his special tone,


She quivered and shuddered – and let out a call:

And Seymour II came – and loved her A LOT,

As she sat there, in her ceramic pot!

The question they have (had) was about SOME CHANGE –

Is-it-possible – to relinquish control – and so to rearrange!?

And this is where our poem takes a pause:



EVEN-MORE, like other girls, didn’t care for her mama,

‘Cause Audrey (II)’s controlling ways – break things like a comma;

THEY may-not-compete, BUT – when mama’s gone,

The daughter inherits – the whole, dang lawn!


IF flowers could walk, EVEN-MORE might-also speak!

So, what do you think? EVEN-MORE+SEE-MORE, a match for the ages?

Well, the consensus is: It should be taken in stages!

With caution and love, (I’ll bet) this flower and bee,

Are sure to “succeed!” Just wait – and see!! 🙂

fin. ❤

    • cash! 🙂