When you hold ‘em, they nearly quake,💥💥💥💥💥💥

“MID-MORNING LIGHTS, a FLOWER STORY!” a poem Thursday: 2 Aug 2018

(dedicated: to beautiful, secluded Australian flower varieties!)

The prettiest roses – I ever did see – had THORNS as big as-my-bended-knee,

For nature – protects from casual assault –

Those things CONSIDERED “pretty” without a fault!?

So, pick a bunch of:

Not so bright,

Not so fragrant,


No one seems to pick ‘em – they’re kinda hidden,

BUT – rarer -than-roses – Ya! No kiddin’!

Pick as many as you can hold;

They like to cuddle and do not scold,

When they weep and flare and flake,

When you hold ‘em, they nearly quake,

With joy – that you found them – in the shade:

They’re the most “scrumptious” flowers –

That God ever made! 🙂

fin. ❤