“MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?” a poem. a.k.a.: “IF You Wait Long Enough, Anything And/Or Everything IS Possible!” SUN DAY – 29 July 2018.

Just after He compromised – the computer system, to my surprise,

The cell phone ups and disappears; now, I am hiding – behind your tears –

Our good pal Lucky – bit the dust,

And communications – have gone all bust!

Well, I MIGHT ask: “Coincidence?-

Or-Divine-Comedy?” – it CAN be tense!

I THINK it’s clear, we’re not in charge,

Although I AM – for living “large,”

But, although I’m sure no GOD exists,

A nagging Mystery – persists:

And REALIZE! (I think you should,)

Best-To-Laugh-at-this-stuff – or – KNOCK ON WOOD!

For – wood will help us about as much,

As anything else – to stay in touch!


So, just relax – let all this “biz,”

Wash-over-us, ‘cause I ain’t quittin’ –

Remember: my head is hard, and won’t be splittin’ –

Which is OK, for I don’t care,

I gave up hope, so I can dare,


My blood’s so cold; it never curdles,

And – as the computer sits at the shop,

The Samsung? Well, it’s soon to “op,”

So-we’ll-be-in-touch-now, PRETTY SOON!

Remember: I LOVE YOU; and-I’m-“over The Moon!”

fin. ❤

P. S.: I’ve waited this long, to find you, Honey; I can wait forever – It’s always SUNNY! 🙂 – Le Sigh!



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