The Contented Heart – page 44β€œBy Golly, Some Day I’m Gonna Be Enlightened Too – Yay!β€πŸ•΄πŸ•΄πŸ•΄πŸ•΄

  1. (2) The Rulers of the slaves are themselves slaves. Slavery encompasses everyone and every thing. The die is cast. Once the process began, it was inevitable, short of extinction. IF the “rulers” knew they were enslaving & have enslaved themselves, they would have stopped, but in their calculating insanity, they would & could not and, even, if they realized what they were doing, now they can’t stop. It’s like putting fillings in your mouth – You do it because you can & you’re trying to stop the decay. You realize afterward that, although the fillings were put in with noble intent, to your horror, they’re poisonous, now, short of ripping them out, they have become basically inherent in your body & the entire body is breaking down. The earth is losing its consciousness now too – It is becoming “insane,” losing the ability to care for itself, the processes it once did easily, without thinking are all breaking down. Like me, like us all, it can barely bathe itself any more. It is falling apart (toxins on the glaciers). Can’t give itself a clean drink of water (the fish are turning belly up). It is having panic attacks & emotional outbursts (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) and we are all standing around watching, oblivious to the fact that, as humans, our past and present actions are doing it all [note: 07/12/18 You know, I’m full of shit! All this “propaganda” may well be technically or apparently true, but, remember, Gentle Reader(s), the exact opposite of what I am saying is also “true!” Apart from all this chaos, order and sensibility are also right there. AND – everything I have just said is rubbish, so ENJOY YOUR SLAVERY! ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM, for they are the same thing. And, try to remember, you are just fine – you are human, you are an apparent mess, an apparent, brilliant job of engineering, and nothing at all – so there! AND – IF you want to imagine something completely different, FEEL FREE!] πŸ™‚ -Yea!


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