Thought for the day.

Honey, the word Judgement as we have spoken about before has many conatations, one being that Judgement we give on ourselves.

The greatest failure of man.

To be really free is to stop the judgement we do to ourselves.

Until we stop judging ourselves one must not teach others or preach not to judge others.πŸ€—

Judgement leads to guilt, confusion within ourselves until one really understands the true meaning of judgement we first let go of judging ourselfvesπŸ€—

We have the power to nourish our own lives first.πŸ€—

The greatest lesson in life is treat yourself with kindness then perhaps we learn the true nature of guilt.πŸ€—

Our own enemy to destroy us.

Keep our lives simple, forgiveness starts within ourselves.πŸ€—

We are all lovable.πŸ€—

Self Judgement leads to mental illness, self worth and loneliness. πŸ€—


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