When you seeing Aboriginal events and gatherings in many years now where the Aboriginal & TSI flag not getting flown and right cultural prodecures aren’t being followed properly by our own mob with no culture, cultural identity and pre/post colonial history knowledges… running the show…I can see where Herb Bropho is coming from. It is paramount we keep the movement glory days of 1970s to 1990s alive … and not watered down by our own mob who many not doing the proper job or migaloo mob calling the shots for our people… Struggles internally in 21st century… cultures evolve but history and old stories should always be maintained and nurturedBrother. Read this all the way through.. The fact is that most do not want anything to do with culture and who they really are because that is what they are programmed to do. Others know it, but they choose to stay in that world. It is like the matrix you will never see or know it exists until you are pulled out. Anyone who challenges the program is going against not only the people, but the core belief of the program. The program that has placed itself tightly in belief makes these people be instantly dismissed, labelled as terrorists or crazy. But it is actually called having an open mind. Something the majority lack.

“Only those who have lived their whole life in a madhouse that was created for them would think that anyone who speaks outside of it and calls it a madhouse has actually gone mad”?

Most who speak on this are actually walking contradictions. Whether they know it or not. I was also the same, as i said it is all part of the program. And i hear it all the time. This robot talk of “aboriginal people are not one color’,’you can not help who you fall in love with’ etc. That is programmed rubbish. Our people were black, and just because the program has made us different colors, we now only must do what the program tells us? Rubbish, that is a justification of the programmed life people live today. This is about empowerment. We are the only group who do not practice marriage with our own people. When you speak of it, you are racist etc. Yet white people, Indians, Asians etc do it everyday right in front of our fckin faces! How ridiculous. “Walking contradictions”

As i said they are simply justifications to satisfy a choice. This is about empowerment. Not by force but by teaching priority of your own culture like all these others do,The claim of this being the real world is ridiculous and ignorant to come from an aboriginal mind. This life has only become known as reality to us for only 200 years? Check my recent post. Sample-
” Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be”

You only have to sit a child in front of the T.V and they will learn what i am talking about in 6 months. Who do see? Hot white women, men, white models. T.V shows superhero’s, etc etc. Oh.. Wow black panther and a couple others came out now. it only took them decades in comparison to only 6 months influence on the minds of our children? We are programmed to accept and achieve the same as what we see and are taught.. I know i was one myself. I use to be mainly in love with white women, and to whom i was most attracted. Now i am attracted to my own people. And the blacker, the better it is about reprogramming the mind.

If people even used a bit of common sense they would see that the black biology is culture and a part of it’s power. Only someone else who wants you to forget who you really are would program you to think otherwise. Yes we are all human and all people should be treated with respect, but this is about empowerment. Something the white man has done to his own people for centuries, distorting and appropriating himself as the power and person to be like. We all wan to be like him, that is the problem. As i have said to you before. The basis of aboriginal and Islander freedom is culture and spirituality. If people can not define culture and spirituality that is separate from anything attached by the European, then they don’t really have a basis to fight for our freedom?

If you look at biology the more white you get the more disadvantaged you are. This is not about a race being better then another. This is the European’s science. These are simply facts that the programmer loves to hide and distort by calling me a racist. The biology of the black man is demonstrated in their science. They have been distorting this in for centuries? They will write and explain how this and that contributes to disease today but the fact remains. And the black biology has been on this planet for longer then him or any neanderthal? A perfect example is this- As i showed you, they now say in their science

Europeans have only been around for 8000 years. If you know our oral history, it tells us there was no such things as disease until we met the European. But that is not the program. So he needs to go and insert himself in a position of history that will show that the disease came from us? How convenient for AIDS to be attached to African people and it’s cousin attached to aboriginal people? Oh by the way this disease is apparently 9000 years old.
How convenient he fits into the picture? Anyone who knows history knows that disease was first noticed in the Dark Ages in Europe. And even biology can suggest otherwise?