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Courage is a choice, it’s very easy not to choose courage, as that is a “safe space”.
Choosing to be courageous is a gallant choice. To feel fear and rise above it, we understand is difficult.

When you choose to be courageous you realise you are risking an outcome that you do not yet know of. It’s fair for us to say that the choice by appearance may not work out as you had hoped or intended, but ask you to reflect on the fact that you chose an admirable virtue. We remind you, so long as your intentions are good of course.

This is where we’d like to tell you that if your intentions are not good by nature, there will be consequences of equal value. TRUE courage always comes from the heart to create or protect self or others.

Courage to create something of value for self or others or to rise for something you believe in will always have it’s pay off, even if it’s not immediately obvious to you.

The point we want to make most, is now is the time to be courageous. The world is in transition of a higher order. The things you think you would like to do, but don’t because fear blinds and forces you from the foundation of your universal ability and power of an unparalleled proportion to be courageous, do! We ask that you realise the force of courageous energy you are and use it.

Rise up and speak firm for those who can’t. Fulfill the dreams in your heart. Make the big who succeed in diverting your attention from your power, in order to self gain, small.

It’s time to rise, no one was born to be small in nature. Everyone has an energy inside that is equal in their capacity to be brave. Using that energy is your calling, your right and your responsibility.

There’s hero’s amongst you all. Time to awaken.

                    Love and light
                      Upon you all
                       Eagle Eye


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