Jesus Message. Trust 💥💥

Jesus Message.
Be you aware the moment comes when the reality of who you truly are is to be revealed. You hide yourself behind many masks and act many roles for the world has made you believe that the real you am not nice, ugly, not of someone who is acceptable. I say to you that the time of your true value and who you are is within the foreseeable future. Be accepting to this big change for you have true value and our closeness will be appreciated more than ever before. Ones who have shape this world without their soul but by means of exploiting others for their gain have much to face and this generation will not pass by and escape the coming trust you will need to be uplifted, that being what I have forever promised.
Loving God may you cast away any blindness to this understanding of this message. Look upon our hearts with loving kindness. Give us the music of our souls to be real and at one with you. Amen. Luke Le Bree.